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Conquer the web!

Make good use of all the opportunities that technology brings to the table. Maintain a good relationship with your customers and atract new customers like crazy, using the following:

3. All the integrations you need

Your online store will go along with all the big boys of online marketing, like Meta pixel, Klaviyo, Google analytics and so on. 

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2. State of art control panel

Manage sales like a boss.

Manage inventory like a wizard.

Manage everything with ease.

Maybe do it all from your phone?

1. Gorgeous front end

Let your website impress visitors and guide them gracefully to the check out buton. You'll have at your disposal beautiful aesthetics, functional filters, fast pay solutions and a crafter customer experience.

Here's a list with online store features that you'll get:

- Great mobile optimisation, of course

- Also great tablet optimisation

- Smart newsletter integration

- Google analytics and Google ads integration

- Meta pixel integration

- Live chat

- Smart order management 

- Abandoned checkout alerts

- Smart product management

- Mobile control panel app

- Automated collections

- Gift cards

- Advanced coupon system

- Smart customer management

- Live reports

- Marketing automations

- Staff customised acces

- Multilanguage

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