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How to market yourself as an agency or real estate developer and get people praising you to others

If you are a real estate developer, you probably already promote your product on street banners, on Facebook and Instagram, through Google ads, through Meta ads, maybe on Tiktok, and through real estate agents.

For now, not everyone is taking advantage of all these communication channels, but what will happen when everybody will? Answer: All developers will spend a lot of money without standing out to the buyer, and the exposure and quality of the available audience will be directly proportional to the money spent.

How do we do it smart? Time means money. The information is valuable. Planning is essential. We make a long-term marketing plan in which we provide valuable information to potential buyers.

Read on, because the following information can bring you great success!

Sales funnel

You've probably heard of the sales funnel and the idea that people who haven't heard of your product are "cold audiences" and need to be "warmed up" until they buy. You won't buy a product or service without having seen the advertisement several times or having been recommended to you by someone. You were warmed up.

If you've ever bought something without being warmed, you either didn't know you were warmed, or you had no other alternative at the time.

Of course, small purchases require a little warming, and large purchases require a lot of warming, and you are selling HOUSES. The automotive industry knows this all too well and has been warming us up since we were little kids, and if you need information about cars, you can find EVERYTHING on various channels of communication.

Earning trust

Let's jump the fence to the buyer's side. The more important your purchase is to you, the more you educate yourself about it, and you sell houses! A man interested in buying a T-shirt is willing to read the label and that's it. A man interested in buying a phone, laptop, watch, wants and is willing to read a brochure and watch 2 clips on Youtube. A man who wants to buy a car is completely different: he will learn all about engines, about the industry, about complicated technical characteristics. He will ask questions left and right, he is willing to read and watch videos for hours.