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I always recommend Shopify to all my clients and friends and I use it myself. I think it is, by far, the best option when building an online store, regardless of budget. I also think that I have a credible opinion, because in recent years I was involved within all aspects of e-commerce. Clearly, there are not only good parts. There are also some cons that you will find out in the last lines of this report. However, I haven't seen a Shopify store owner complaining.

Thank you very much for reading this and I encourage you to do it 'till the end, because I have synthesized some very useful information.


Unbeatable price

First I will address the elephant in the room. Yes, if you're very good with computers, you can make an online store even cheaper, but it's not the same thing. With Shopify, prices start at 30 dollars per month, and building your store on Shopify is much easier. 30 dollars per month, I guess, pales in front of a good e-commerce site that costs thousands of euros to custom build.

Shopify is a company with a turnover of billions of dollars, which allows itself to give the best price for the services offered.


Each site is more or less secure. Sometimes, if you have "enemies", weak security can reflect in your pockets. Shopify is a huge company, it has over a million customers for whom it provides top security. We are talking about a company with a turnover of billions of dollars.

Emails and SMS alerts included in the price

When I abandon a checkout, I receive an email. When I place an order, I receive an SMS. Shopify offers these services and a little more, included in the price, and they work great! Shopify is a company with a turnover of billions of dollars and wants your turnover to grow as well.

Well thought out dashboard

Very well thought! It's easy to find and manage orders. It's easy to find out what steps the customer followed until the purchase and maybe what made him buy. You can see useful and advanced statistics very easily. You have information about customers who have abandoned orders, so you can contact them.